Around Alnmouth

John Yearnshire
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Tyne and Wear

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As the author of this collection of anecdotes and photographs I wish to remember the many people who have happily contributed their memories and treasured pictures. These people of all ages have been gracious in sharing their images of life in and around Alnmouth from times past through to the twenty first century. Thanks also to the children of Hipsburn First School who represent the future of the villages.

This is not a complete history of the district - which would take many volumes, neither is it the traditional pages of written prose elaborately expressing historic data. This is a real people's history where many folk have delved into attics and storage boxes to contribute to a pictorial record with first hand tales from the lives of real families and individuals.  The contributions from local school children add vibrancy and energy. In years to come these youngsters will themselves look back on a bygone age.

John Yearnshire